Friday, March 21, 2008

Writing a Good research paper!

From the reviews of my papers (accepted ones - a matter of fact all were accepted :P), I felt that doing good research and writing a good paper are slightly orthogonal. Here I have cited a few pointers which might help one writing a good research paper.

Disclaimer: These points are mostly ad-hoc from my perspective and based on the experience of getting my (four) papers accepted.
  1. Emphasize on the broader contributions of the paper - the bigger picture and the challenges you have faced. This should be grounded with the specific things you exactly accomplish in the paper.
  2. The mentions and references to related work cannot be emphasized more! The reviewers are typically very sensitive to the survey or at least the mentions you make about the prior work done related to your problem in the paper. As a matter of fact, before making a claim like "To the best of our knowledge, there has not been any work about XYZ...", be extremely cautious; I think better to take a softer and more lenient take and say "Prior work has mostly been focused on ABC instead of XYZ...".
  3. At least in my research community, the kind of data used for validating the model is extremely key. Use of more popular / standardized or comprehensive datasets make the results more impactful and believable.
  4. Explanation in the figures need to be very concise but explicit - remember no hidden mysteries should exist, neither should there be the tendency 'yeah, this is so obvious, why mention...".
  5. Discussion of the experimental results - if it is some graph, explain what the results mean. If it is a diagram kind of visualization, explain the different dimensions and what the patterns observed mean.
  6. Avoid typos and grammar errors - these give a very bad impression.
Yeah, so more than whether or not people might like reading this particular blog post, it helped me a lot in straightening out the ideas of writing a good research paper!


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