Monday, March 03, 2008

A long winter morning...

"It is not that I don't love you. Nor is that I am being insensitive. Just that, it has been sometime that I felt this relationship has not been working. I also feel we have different expectations from each other and that we are not able to meet each other's needs out of a relationship, staying four thousand miles apart. So I feel I should cut the chord at one point. And I think it is this point... I don't want to keep any contact with you anymore..."

... the letter read, on a day cloudy and overcast, dull and morose as it could be, with no beam of the Sun peeping Sonam's study desk, unlike other winter mornings. It was a day she had been waiting for since a while - since she started seeing Ronny last May. It was the Valentine's Day. As she would naturally do out of curiosity, she stepped up to her mailbox and to her hopes, found an envelope that read "From Ronny G. 324 S. Madison Dr., Foster, RI 02825."

She was stuck to ecstasy, expecting it to be a Valentine card from her beloved. Ran she straight to her study desk, juggled through her tray of knick-knacks to find a knife. She quickly opened the envelope and to her surprise found it was letter. The desk wasn't as bright it would be on other days, so she turned on her lamp. The reading started in the yellow intense light.

Having read it, she felt like having a wet face: they were two thin threads of tears rolling down fast down her cheeks. She knew, the day was long, even though it was still a winter morning. She knew she had a long journey to cover; on a road where she could only see a faint dull glow at the end; but whose voyage to her was unknown. A voyage she would now have to make without somebody at the center of her life, with a spirit which should come with whatever it takes.

It was a long winter morning, till the sun suddenly set.


Partha Pratim Sanyal said...

The Other day I read a post in which a girl wrote how she'd refused a guy on valentine's day, she did that politely, but there was satire in her voice regarding that. I hated her for that!!

But, today when I read this, I see just the opposite scenario, the girl getting hurt!!

Which once again reestablishes, that emotions can be either ways... and not necessarily one-sided!

Good short stuff! Like the description... You have it in you to become a raconteur. Hone that skill and give us more.. Cheers!! :-)

Munmun said...

@ PP
Thanks :)

Uday Kumar said...

Does this mean that Sonam is single again [:D][:P]