Friday, October 09, 2009

Barack and His Nobel, and What It Means To Me

Despite good referrals from many friends and acquaintances, I never gathered enough time and opportunity to read one of the best-sellers in the non-fiction category in recent times; that is, Barack Obama's The Audacity of Hope. Nevertheless, for reasons beyond just inquisitiveness in the last Presidential elections (read, I was using the election 2008 trends as a part of my research involving communication in the Blogosphere), I always found that there was something about this guy; something which was bound to make you hopeful for your own future, something that is bound to create a stir in your mind.

Enough has been said and written about this intriguing personality, who after a very interesting journey, became the President of the United States back this January. I always felt a lot was expected of him. I felt that he must be under tremendous pressure to perform, because of the realm of expectations all of us had on him, and apart from acquiring the highest office in the most powerful country, at a point in time which was harder than ever - thanks to the economic times as bad as the Great Depression of the 1930s. I haven't followed him much ever since, but I kept on getting news about his health care plans, opinions on Middle East, and so on.

Today at around 2:30am in the night, I get this news (from Twitter, which is currently my primary news source) that he got the Nobel Peace Prize. Somehow I am able to relate to this event more than anything else; I feel its more of an encouragement to me than a shock or a surprise.

Since the past few weeks, my PhD has been going hard and rocky - reasons being starting from when I should graduate, to the job situation, to looking for faculty positions, post-docs etc, etc. I have been spending many a nights and days being sort of depressed, and thinking about various alternatives possible before and after graduation. At this point in time, the news of him getting the Nobel Peace under very surprising contexts somehow brings in some ray of hope in my morose life of late.

I think he is a guy who has literally proved how someone can rise up by leaps and bounds despite all odds. Everyone knows of the necessity of perseverance, but it's something very hard to implement. Everyone knows that the ultimate philosophy of life, is that one should never think of the outcome, just keep putting your best efforts, but it has never been this easy. But today when I see this guy, I feel like starting to believe in life and the world all over again. I feel rejuvenated that probably I can tackle these tough times with ease and courage. Makes me start to feel invigorated all over again, and start yearning for doing good work, as I have been doing all the while. And also be zealous and hopeful of the outcomes. Precisely, have hopes that are audacious enough to bring in the laurels eventually. After all, life is what we make it :)

Finally, Nobel is something that has always inspired me at different times and walks in life; whether it was back in 1992 as a little girl going to 4th grade and wanting to be the next scientist, or be it a morose PhD student in 2009 trying to make her way in her career through some hard road-blocks. I think this Nobel, at this time, has helped me bring back the smile I have been long longing for. Thanks Nobel, and of course, congratulations Barack :) To quote, as he said in his famous 2004 Democratic Convention:

Hope in the face of difficulty. Hope in the face of uncertainty. The audacity of hope!