Monday, February 27, 2006


Agony had delved deep into her blood,
Imbuing her nights with tearful floods;
For, clutched in between her love and responsibility,
She knew her love's ultimate goal's infeasibility.
Responsibility was something she was obliged to stick to,

And she felt it better to live with a broken heart hitherto;
Life was but driven into the deep darkness of despondency,
And mind being a cadaver's occupancy.
And then, all of a sudden sun seemed to rise once again,

Inkling the dawn to a new life without terrain;
She felt how materialistic she had been,
Merely looking for her love's culmination as her thoughts used to careen;

Ashamed of her selfish attitude,
She ultimately decided with enough certitude;
She would carry on with her love with all her venture,
To enable it bloom with even more care and nurture;
Love turned to be the essence of her life,
What if she knew it will never yield a settled sunrise;

And how placated she felt with this truth of her life unravelled,
And she went about her life with this harangue;
To preach one and all with all mirth,
That love is ever above all the world: truly, the music of heart!