Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sip of a Very Beautiful Dream

The smell of the fresh chilling breeze, and the smoothing veil of the morning sunshine,
The mystic mountains afar gleaming every moment like bricks numerous, and some blush wine,
The wavering branches, the chirping birds, the rustling leaves: all making me soar on cloud nine,
But deep down some corner; some memories riding fast the winding roads in thoughts of mine.

The first pretty Winter blossom still desirous of standing amidst the blowing wind,
The dark shadow on the rustic walls of the parched paint in the walls that lean,
A blazing blue ray of hope shining at every nook and corner of the next passerby thinking it would someday win,
I sit here, peeping out of the window, witnessing a beautiful world with a sip of a very beautiful dream!

These days my schedule has been fortunate enough to allow me stay awake through the morning sunrise. A rare and mystical event that periodically showcases itself everyday, I am glad to enjoy different aspects of mother Nature in all its breadth. The mildly chilly Winter, and the advent of the comfortable times in Arizona has made me cherish Nature and life at large in a different way which I probably haven't had the opportunity to do in all the times in grad. school. Likely the last academic year here at ASU, this poem tries to captures the breezes and the storms in my mind---with a pinch of the bad times, the much-cherished good times and the uncertainty and the hope for the near future ahead. Many cheers, nevertheless, to the beautiful world we all are a part of!