Friday, December 23, 2005


Somebody told me, "Blogging is like an addiction." It is an interesting assertion, which I believe I would second to. Rather, I think in a different manner about blogging. There are a handful of things in life you really cherish doing; and the people who are into the habit of blogging often tend to be of two kinds: people who ventilate on the external everyday but interesting happening, and secondly, the people who love to reflect. I belong to the second genre. And I know to these category of people, writing is often a tool which carries you away from everything else, just as a glass or two of wine would do!
This takes me to this funny poem found here:

A series of addictions
from which to jump or swim
longing for the next

when you can help many
but yourself
it feels fake wearing a smile

oh but the moneys great
and I can do whatever I want
except that I usually just don't care

as you grow older
the mind slows
and I am scared of the though, of the day
I am no longer addicted!