Saturday, March 10, 2007

I Think I Am Different: A List Of What Makes It All...

Do you think your friends, your family, your acquiantances should be judged by their believing in, or not believing in the same set of principles you follow or the set of beliefs you have been holding through your life? I am not sure how you think or probably the society at large thinks. Actually this ignorance is a bliss to me. Because I think my beliefs are not biased by the world around me. Life in itself has taught me to think independently and cling to a set of beliefs which I find logical for my life.
As ironical the consequence might be, I now know that many of the things I believe are actually more like a social outcast! Nevertheless, this has never made me being judgmental about people on the grounds whether or not the person before me believes in my set of thoughts. I think as long as the person finds his beliefs to be logical to his life, reflective of his actions and not forcibly affecting to the society, things ought to be relaxed.
I am a very liberal person; but pretty confirm about what I think and believe in. I learn from experience and mould my thoughts. This makes my beliefs and principles pretty simple when I try to reflect them in my actions. Yet, time to time, I judge myself. I look back and see if my actions have been consequences of my beliefs. If yes, I carry it forward. If not, then I mould either my future actions or my set of beliefs.
But I know, each one of us are different. My set of beliefs will not hold for 'n' other persons around me. Probably, not even for my parents. Not for my boyfriend (if any) either. Not to talk of others. I don't therefore like, love or hate people based on this criteria, which answers the question in the first line of the blog.
Some of the examples (not necessarily good or acceptible to you may be) are:
1. I am an atheist. But I will not say, "there is no God". Because I don't have a proof for that. But if I say I don't believe in God, it is because certain intuitions have led me to believe this. And I find this theory reflective in my actions.
2. People say, bad times make us pray to God. If I have not done this ever, it is not because I have not faced any ill-shaped situation. Actually looking at my peers, I think I have more than many. But never looked up to pray: always believed in myself. And it worked!
3. I don't want my partner or spouse to think alike as me. Because I know it is difficult. Probably because my thinking is rare. Probably I am too radical. I think my partner should know to think logically and that should be reflective in his life.
4. I don't look back on the past and panic. I only learn from experiences. I think that has been my biggest mentor and influence in life.
5. I am straight-forward. I speak my mind. If I know my speaking might be a bad shape, I don't.
6. I don't try to put images when I meet people for the first time. I am 'Munmun'. Know me the way I am.
7. I don't recall my life as a set of ill happennings. Rather I always look through and see all the good things that have happenned to me. And so many times, I have seen that even the not-so-good events have been blissful in the course of time!
And the list can go on! I am sure you too have your list of such examples. This is natural! But I think the listing of this kind has helped me judge and rectify myself time to time...