Friday, August 31, 2007

...awakes the 'poet'...

After a long time, awakes the 'poet' in me! Though among my worse days today, I am happy it bloomed the poetic niche somewhere deep down in me! Here it goes...

An Earnest Desire
A myriad waves and a thousand stars,
The joys and the woes of life, all down my nerves;
I decorate them, day and night, so meticulous,
In some corner round those waves and stars, when I am so ponderous.

Small I might be down those gargantuan walls,
Still those little happy moments are like life's only alms;
For, life is not led in the days you count,
But those little mountains of happiness you mount.

An earnest desire: I don't pray I live too long,
But just enough to overcount the woes with some mundane placid joyful song.

Friday, August 03, 2007

The Uncanny

Last weekend was another of the lazy times I have been spending this summer. That is why thought of grabbing the hold of keeping me updated on the 'Bollywood' front! Actually, to reveal the truth, have been craving for hindi movies and music for a while (reasons too personal to be disclosed). So the idea came a big relief. The next thing I could gather patience for was Cheeni Kum, after a headache with Aap Ka Surroor (sorry could not find an IMDB link to this!)...
The movie started for me with a depressing note. I was accompanied in the watch with a friend; but unfortunately his headache of watching AB in such a role was too heavy to let down the throat. He left. I was left to face another so-called 'piece of crap' from Bollywood!
Nevertheless, the depressing note of expectations from a Bollywood movie actually helps sometimes. I could not help finding it good as the movie went on. Finally writing about it now, I feel good I watched it. A nice romantic comedy, though quite off-beat track from the regular lines of the seated Indian tradition and customs.
Both AB and Tabu are accomplished actors. But the movie somehow had something more than good acting, good direction, good story and whatsoever. Neither I am going to write a review for the movie here. What it did was, it made me thoughtful... Talking on a practical note, it does not seem very likely that a 34 year old woman is going to date a 64 year old man! But the beauty lies in the uncanny nature of the relationship: makes me feel Bollywood is stepping ahead of films with the actors and actresses running around trees singing songs!