Friday, August 31, 2007

...awakes the 'poet'...

After a long time, awakes the 'poet' in me! Though among my worse days today, I am happy it bloomed the poetic niche somewhere deep down in me! Here it goes...

An Earnest Desire
A myriad waves and a thousand stars,
The joys and the woes of life, all down my nerves;
I decorate them, day and night, so meticulous,
In some corner round those waves and stars, when I am so ponderous.

Small I might be down those gargantuan walls,
Still those little happy moments are like life's only alms;
For, life is not led in the days you count,
But those little mountains of happiness you mount.

An earnest desire: I don't pray I live too long,
But just enough to overcount the woes with some mundane placid joyful song.

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