Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Two Slides of the Coin....

I have always been overwhelmed at the inability of certain people to acknowledge other people's accomplishments. Undoubtedly, healthy criticism is important to the progress of any developing society. Nevertheless, I have noticed this excessive tendency of some people to constantly criticize and demean the achievements of others. And surprisingly enough, people do not even let go individuals whom the mankind is so much indebted to all the time. Einstein for example. They say he did not deserve the Nobel Prize since the greater contribution came from people like Planck and all.
This might be true. But Einstein should be acknowledged for what he did. I hate to look at the darker side of the coin as they do. There is a brighter aspect to everything. And experience says that many a times, looking at the jovial side gives us pleasure and makes us optimistic which are extremely essential for having a healthy mental outlook.
Yet, somehow these genre of people derive profuse satisfaction doing so. Or probably some of them love being different. Or may be they like blurting out some kind of a different look out towards something so widely accepted and acknolwedged!