Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I am profusely disillusioned

I want to ramble about four completely disjoint things:
  1. I am impressed by people working or spending their lives for a cause. It can be as simple as being a scientist and doing something novel for the rest of the world; or being an economist and affecting the society; or an entrepreneur or a doctor or a manager, someone who can look beyond his or her own material pleasure.
  2. The best works on literature probably happen when we are morose. Though Shakespearean works are mostly considered comic tragedies, still the profundity of darkness in his work are phenomenal. I am happy and sad to be in the phase I am currently at.
  3. People with whom I can connect most are the people with whom I can converse; converse on pretty much everything under the Sun. I like crazy thoughts, philosophizing and practically analyzing life and its so many multi-faceted aspects.
  4. Life is transitory, nothing stays in the sands of space and time. How many times has that been literally true in your life?
I am profusely disillusioned, disillusioned about the whole concept called life. I am definitely not talking in the best of the profound positive moods as my other blog posts. But yeah, not all days are the same. Life has its share of grays as well.

Circumstances have been confusing. There seem to be no definite direction, a bunch of all desolate and dismal gloomy paths is all what is visible. Nothing seems to be leading anywhere.

If someone would ask, I would quote:

“I write of what I’ve lived,
Of past love lost, and of my life.
I can’t help rolling in the ashes,
It soots me."

Though I believe in what they say,
there should be incumbent negative energy and outpouring positive energy, yet I wrote this poem:

I step my foot into the white world,
A world full of icy curls,
An ambiance of darkness and gloom,
Amidst all the brightness all I decipher is the loom.

A chilly wind blows my shoulder,
Eroding every sense of me to get bolder,
Leaving me in a world to shudder,
When no one passes by me any closer.

A black swan sings a melancholy tune somewhere,
The cold only making its feathers to shriek and shiver,
But in some corner I silently murmur,
When will the white world of darkness ever care?


Aparna Kar said...

In my current list of rambling:
1-> Life is transitory
2->People with whom I can connect most are the people with whom I can converse with.
As usual, good post lady.

Munmun said...

@ Aparna
Great! We share quite a few similar philosophies. It would be great to just sit and converse over a coffee sometime :)

Saltwater Blues said...

De Choudhury as in De Souza? :)

I am neither a photographer nor a writer/poet. Just a thinker.


Munmun said...

@ saltwater blues

What do you mean exactly I am not sure! If you mean how do I pronounce my last name, then no its not pronounced as De Souza. "De" is more like the French pronunciation of "de". lol.