Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pandora's Box (not of Troubles) but Facets!

This is probably going to be a post mixed with several ideas that have been running through my mind in the past two-three days (might be the whole week also!). Some of them are internal reflections, as I always write, some are amplifications of certain things I never cared to think about; and some are simply the typical blogging materials. Here they go.

Part I (Research)

I met this guy on Thursday who is a researcher at Microsoft Research, Redmond. As illustrious his academic and professional career might be (MIT / MSR / innovative research etc), his talk made me think of an altogether different perspective to the way one can look at one's research problem. He had come to visit AME (the lab I work at) and I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to talk to him about my research. A few nice insightful pointers he gave about thinking on a research problem: the research problem should be one which you can connect to. This guy works on developing music from several bits of notes, and he himself is really into music composition. I also saw my advisor so much into multimedia research - he is an awesome photographer. Now the question comes, how do I connect to my problem of communication dynamics in social networks? Once my advisor told me, it's nice I was so much into observing how people communicate on social networks, because I am myself so much active on Orkut and Facebook. But personally this guy's talk made me feel, I need to find more interesting avenues for that connection. Also doing research is almost like being in love. The more we harbor the chemistry or the connection, the stronger is the bond! :)

Part II (Fun - the movie Race)

I went to watch this movie Race on Friday night with some friends. It was good fun, as far as going out (and not typical Friday night outing with drinking!) was concerned. Topped with the explanation that I was watching a Hindi movie (in a theater) after a long time, after Om Shanti Om last semester, which I re-watched with someone again on the computer in Winter. The movie (Race) is full of twists - almost like too many cooks spoil a kitchen. Katrina was terrible - she really needs to work on her acting. Saif was kind of good. And I don't like Bipasha (no, despite being a Bengalee).

Part III (Socializing)

Saturday was a small get together day with the AME people - and I once again had a wonderful opportunity to try nice cooking! It was barbecue, so I marinated chicken thighs (boneless) and some veggies (bell peppers, green onions and tomatoes) with yogurt, salt, red chilly powder, lemon juice, garam masala and ginger-garlic paste. It was good fun.

Somehow I felt, however much I try to impress upon myself that chilling out alone in the weekend is so relaxing, yet we all are social animals. Socializing always helps - a big take away from the wrecks we go through all the time.

Part IV (Regularity in life)

I have been working out daily (yeah, daily, for those who know me in and out, ain't I religiously into fitness now?) all this week (skip Friday). It is amazing - kind of turns into something which if you don't do, you don't feel good. Running on the treadmill is good fun and gives you a good night's sleep after a tiring day at work!

I have also been cooking everyday this week, and getting food for lunch. Trust me, it is much tastier and you can control you likeness for variety in food. Yes, it is healthier as well. And I just figured out, with certian basic elements of cooking items and a little bit of experimentation, you can almost cook everything!

Waking up early is also so amazing! It makes the day feel much longer. And in a place like Arizona soon hitting the 90's in the temperature, morning cores are fun. I woke up 8 am today, and already enjoying and chilling the day out! Late afternoon, the work starts.

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