Sunday, March 23, 2008

The "Not" Mavericks

"The real religion is the veneration for man's creativity - ideas and the power they entail."
(From the book The Singularity is Near)

I respect all religions and religous texts - though I don't follow any one in particular. Thinkers in the past said that all religions are just different roads leading to the same goal; but it is true that those paths are quite significantly different from each other. Despite these differences, religion I feel is more about a set of philosophies - certain truths our ancestors and great thinkers have accumulated over time. Religion I feel is just a way to organize our lives better and the reason our ancestors emphasized on it is because it yields a structure to our lives, more given that man is a societal being.

But the question obviously arises, where do the people not following any religion stand? I believe these people are the ones who cull their own philosophies of life - or are the ones who believe in philosophies that transcend any particular religion. People not following religions aren't mavericks to the society. It is just giving oneself more room - to draw in our own logic and to evolve. There is evidence of evolution in biology, shouldn't our society and our beliefs evolve over time as well?

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