Sunday, March 16, 2008

Love and Tears

One of Nature's most amazing gifts to human beings is probably their ability to feel emotions. And coupled with that comes our notions of joys and woes, happiness and sorrow, laughter and tears. Tears, why after all do we shed tears?

Grief comes as a big burden to heart: grief at things not being the way we wanted them to be, grief at losing a loved one, grief at feeling helpless and seeing something go by, something really close to our hearts. We are definitely the smartest species on Earth, and so comes our inability to accept the reality so many times. We shed tears.

Tears make us feel self-pity. They lighten our heart. They are definitely a way to combat the symptoms of grief. But how many times are we really strong and bold enough to relieve ourselves from grief? I am afraid, often we cannot.

Nevertheless, when times are not so rosy, I often stick to shedding tears. They are mine I know, and are going to be mine whatever happens. I feel close to myself - I feel, when I am shedding tears, I can feel my heart; at a point of time when the dearest people in your life have turned a deaf ear to you - a feel as if they never cared.

These are tough times. Everyone of us has his or her share of it in some manner. And I guess these are the tests of life we have to stand time to time. Tears come in handy - I am not a big advocate of nurturing hatred for a person who leaves me at life's crossroads. I am not a person like that. To me, love subsumes everything. And even when that love inflicts pains on us, tears come to us. We continue to love, may be after several thin threads of transparent water rolling down our face. This is still universal: love which is true to me forever.

Sometimes I feel love doesn't probably need reciprocation, though it is great to have. Love would remain kindled inside my heart always; and tears are the best friends on the difficult road that the love would entail.


A.Jay said...

Resentment that cannot be blurted
Grief that cannot be put into words
Glee that tightens our lips from words
Can only be expressed through
One Idiom of expression that connects ourselves to our heart

Diamond droplets of tears !!

Munmun said...

Great! :) Thanks for the little poem.