Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Let the child come home"

Greed. Money. Comfort. Pleasure. Career. Love. Hatred. Sex. Power. Lust.

One and all of us seem to be running after one thing or the other among these in our lives. We are so much so engrossed in fulfilling our desires that many a times we forget the beauty of the existence of life on Earth. Some of us are fighting for oil, some are running after more money, some of us want to be successful professionally - in a never-ending marathon to satiate our never-ending desires. We turn selfish, we forget what we have left behind and we never stoop below to collect the beautiful relics of the wonderful gift called "life". We run after building our very own little realm of blurred insights, in an island which has moved far-far away from a characteristic called "life".

The movie "Children of Men" was beautiful. Not because of its commercial and critical acclaim, it made me think about things which we have far left behind somewhere, in the infinite sands of time. In a world with thousands of people getting killed everyday, millions dying from hunger, another hundreds fighting fanatic wars or some war against terror, the movie made me think what would it take to return to our instincts of being "human beings"? What massacre would have to befall the humankind to return to our utmost identity that we are human beings after all - after all the differences we have sowed in the past thousands of years for caste, color, creed or gender biases? I hope it doesn't take, as the movie goes, a whole species called homo sapiens lose their very instinct to be alive - the ability to bear a child.

Isn't life beautiful? Why and where are we running after then? I know greed and desire for power are required for a civilization to thrive. But I feel we are losing something in between. Something very important; something which I hope doesn't threat the whole survival of humankind altogether.

Before it is too late, I hope we realize our first and the last identity - human beings - and make efforts together towards making the world a better place to live in. A journey which would need a lot of patience, a lot of efforts and a lot of hope which frees ourselves from the shackles of lust, anger, hatred and grudge we have nurtured inside our hearts eons ago.

Let the child come home...

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