Sunday, July 13, 2008


Since my childhood, I always hated rains. It used to (and I guess it still does!) rain a lot in my hometown Agartala, and it meant being at home, possibly study those boring subjects in a bad education system (as a matter of fact, the Indian education system is effective often, but not very scientific and well-structured - but discussing education system needs a separate blog post sometime!), and life in a small city like Agartala would often come to a standstill being handicapped by temporary floods in several areas, and along with that would come accompanying a profuse flurry of dirt in and around nearby swamps.

There goes the myriad reasons of my dislike for rains. Even when I was in New Jersey the summer before last one (2006), I never liked the rains there; it would rain so abruptly and anytime! That way, I like Arizona a lot! It is technically a desert, and raining in Arizona is an event! And my love of mountains and rocks and surreal Nature is best satiated by Arizona's landscape - lest the summer here is real bad. But all in all I like Arizona: the icing on the cake being, no rains!

It has been raining quite a lot though, surprisingly, in Tempe since past one week! Apart from coming a big relief to the scorching heat, it is being history here - raining twice in less than a week's time! Though I am not loving it, yet somehow this weather makes me go back 10-15 years to the days of my childhood - to Agartala- nostalgia which makes me like these rains somehow because of the several colorful memories I have associated with them! The walks I used to take with Mom, the rain-soaked flowers in the garden in front of our house, the small ally in front of the house - with several puddles of rain-water etc etc. Everything seems so green even now; though numerically life has come a long-long way! Time flies - it really does!

Rains are now a storehouse of very, very sweet memories for me - it is like entering that "rabbit hole" and going back to the days of innocence, a segment of life which was (and still is) painted all green with the raindrops. Even some of the bittersweet memories seem so rosy - the charisma of nostalgia about childhood ...


Alok said...

The last two paragraphs said it all. I may not resemble much but the colors of memory never fades perhaps it was those rain drops that helped it sparkling again. I know some of them are really precious.

Hey, it’s raining in b’lr also and the weather is awesome for not doing any office work :) I can stroll like a mad without bothering anything on a rainy day :)

Munmun said...

@ Alok
Rains strike me with surprise everytime. Sometimes I don't like them for the mess they cause. And sometimes I long for them - the fun of feeling totally free!

By the way, it had rained so bad last week in Phoenix that people got stranded in their cars in the freeway for hours due to sudden unexpected rush of flowing water! There can be floods in US too!

Axe-Hey!! said...

yo agartala reminds me the convo we had in delhi

Munmun said...

@ Akshay