Monday, July 28, 2008

The Checker-board

I like it when I find my life like a checker-board - everything laid out in a proper manner which I know, and every move that I would make is calculated and as per the current circumstances and future happenings. I am never confused; and I do exactly what I want to do in life.

But how many times does life really happen like that? I am not sure: and that is one of the major complains I have all the time - why cannot I embark on a decision or take a footstep towards something conclusively? Why is so many times a layer of uncertainty dwelling over the skies of our hopes and plans?

Hopes and those moves on life's checker-board that goad towards fulfilling some goal or the other keeps me going all the time. As a matter of fact, whenever some cloud of uncertainty would overcast them, life gets all the more interesting. It opens up newer avenues to take life as a challenge and not succumb to it.

That's why I don't like times when I don't have anything to do, anything to look forward to. I find life too hollow then - the captivating moves of the twists and turns in life make it lively and worth living!


Alok said...

Is that a coincidence? something very similar to you post is going on there in my mind right now .. Sometime back I was checking couple of my collective notes and what I found …

"Life is full many contradictions. In fact the longer you live, the more the reality of life will seem like one great paradox. But if you live long enough and stretch hard enough, you will find a miraculous order to the confusion." – The Ultimate Gift

Munmun said...

@ Alok
Wow, that's pretty much a coincidence! Thanks for sharing :)

I agree, after a long time, things do seem to have been calculated and that's when we say, "Whatever happened, happened for the better!"