Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Self-quotes and their analysis

"I am trying to rise above all earthly desires; it is only papers that I care about now."

This was a statement I made to a friend sometime back about why and how I am looking forward to life, after all the things happened which I didn't want to.

However, how many times are we really capable of doing that? I thought you merely need one reason to live, one motivation to move forward in life. And it could be anything. Though I have hunted down that one reason to live, there is something somewhere else, lying around in some corner of my mind, that iches time and again; making me realize, may be there are two reasons you need in life. So that when things don't seem to be going much right on one end, you always have another reason to cling to. Let's see what the future says about this reasoning!


"Certain memories make me nostalgic."

Today I was talking to another friend of mine, when we stuck on the topic of how we associate certain specific happenings, events to specific people at different points of time. We were talking about how we would associate certain music with our past crushes, with past relationships, with exam results, or simply with the dreams we used to cherish then. Somehow today afternoon I ran into one of those kind of music back from 2001 which reminded me of several things at that point of time - it was those times when we were bursting with hopes, plans, dreams to start an altogether new kind of life (right after 12th grade finals). And then there was the odd feeling of how things of the past 12-15 years would seep down in the sands of time. Probably some of those will never revert back. They would just exist there.

But there is one very interesting point I noted about being nostalgic about those memories. Somehow I could recall only the red and rosy things; even the stress that used to torment us then feels so different now. It was the times of hopes, zero responsibilities and zealous pursuits.

I don't mean that life has been stripped of fun and hopes now. But somehow it is very different. I think life is now more shallow; our thinking is less convoluted, and our subscription to principles and rules are rather flexible. We no longer dream we could be astronauts. We no longer dream of life to be exactly like a romantic-comedy movie. We longer dream that we could change the world in a day with our accomplishments. We are more mature now; we know our little grounds. We cherish dreams, we plan, but only those which we know we are capable of. And when the gone-by memories sometimes come back to you, you feel nostalgic and going back to those times gives a very astounding feeling.


Aparna Kar said...

You put it beautifully. I have a few very special songs that stir a variety of emotions.

Awara Bhawre reminds me of school days and final exams in April.
Hazaaro Khaishe Aisi gives me goosepimples for no particular reason.
Annie's Song gets me into day dreaming mode.
'I knew I loved you before I met you' reminds me of someone.

Aah ! Music! And the flavors they bring to you- when you have forgotten how to taste life differently. You are right when you say we have become limited by our own self-imposed restrictions. We are living a life we think we deserve. And yet, "there is something somewhere else, lying around in some corner of my mind, that iches time and again" Hope you find both your reasons and a happily ever after. 'Cause I still believe in happy endings :)

Munmun said...

@ Aparna
I know exactly how all these music make us go back in time. And yeah sure about the bad things in life, I also still believe in happy endings! It's all about our perception :)