Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Time Travel

I was listening to the title song of Kuch kuch hota hai tonight. It was a movie profusely popular in my friend circle back in those times (1998) and I personally loved it, since it talked about the love (triangle) among three young school-going people, very much like all of us. And suddenly I found the lyrics to take me back to those times. Then, falling in love was so beautiful, matched exactly what the song had to say "ab to mera dil jaage na sota hai...".

The contrast between then and now amazes me widely! Not that I don't believe in falling in love anymore, in fact, I still believe that it is possible that we fall in love, everything becomes pretty around us and then there is no looking back. But the perception is somehow very different. Falling in love then (if at all it was love!) was really amazing, it was like flying with all multi-colored wings in the blue sky, a background adorned by all the best things and happenings and where life merged with the movie-akin romance.

For some reason which I don't know, I have been treading the path of the past pretty often of late! Times like ten years back; my thoughts then and the perspective of life I had then (if at all I understood all this that point of time!). Whatever the reason is, the backwards time travel has been very interesting. I have enjoyed it every time, irrespective of whatever memory time pulled up.

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Crizzie Criz! said...

hmmm, you get that feeling too, of being transported back in time when you catch a whiff of a particular smell, see a similar colour toned advertisement on your way back from home or hear a song which you had long thought you had forgotten...

Happens to me every single time, i can recall vividly what went on to make that smell, sound or sight ingrained in my mind for ever...

Just like the song i was mentioning in my blog too. Thanks for coming there and leaving a mindprint there. How did you reach there, btw?