Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Every cloud has a silver lining

Today's fortune: You will be fortunate in everything

This is what my Orkut profile fortune says today. Funny as much it is, especially to a person not believing in fortune / destiny / luck etc, yet coincidentally it comes at a time when I have been considering life and its happenings to be favorable to me of late; however much bad might have happened in the past.

Since past two days, I have been feeling that whatever happens in life, happens for the better. Though it is really cliched and there is absolutely no guarantee that it would hold good, yet belief in this philosophy often comes as a big relief and source of perennial hope for future endeavors and tiding over the difficult times.

It is all about how we consider life to us. Everyone has myriads of short-comings in life and there are ample of avenues where we would complain about our lives - money, job, relationship, mental peace, disease and so on. But the hardest truth is trying to realize the limits of our ever "I want everything" bent of mind. Having everything in the world is beyond the realm of everyone. That's why we have only one Einstein, one Larry Page, one Steve Jobs, one Sachin Tendulkar etc etc.

Happiness in life is surely how we look at life; and understanding the quest for happiness in life in whatever we have is the key to building our own destiny and fortune. But there is a practical block that we need to overcome before that: that we need to tide over the "I want everything" mindset, we need to find that "one key thing" that makes us happy and we need to be passionate about trying to achieve that "one key thing" in life. And then fortune comes its way. And so does happiness. And all those ill happenings that come across our way, they are just the several temporary variables you declare in a theorem proof - they come and go, transitory in time, leave their footsteps behind, but make us learn that the reason they were temporary has a reason, by itself, the reason to achieve the ultimate final goal. Everything else doesn't matter...

And then you start believing "every cloud has a silver lining".

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Alok said...

And yes I believe it’s those difficult times we learn how to make ourselves happy and not to forget they are the teachers of life. If we don’t know them we failed to understand our own purpose of existence.