Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Our Global Concerns

It was $ 2.60 a gallon only last summer; and now it is quickly going to touch $ 5-6 a gallon by Fall. The airlines now don't allow anymore two free check-in baggage, rather some of them are asking for $ 15 for even the first checked-in one. Prices of grocery items, starting from milk to fruits and vegetables are on an ever-increasing hike. Inflation is on the rise each new day. Investments in stocks seem a bad idea. The future of start-ups don't look very rosy.

I am talking of the issues the world is going to see soon in every walk of life due to the exponentially increasing price of oil. The paucity of this exhaustive source is inflicting serious damage and inviting new problems which we have neither seen, nor expected to occur this soon.

The oil problem is serious and knocking right at the door. The grandeur of electricity (many times mineral oil generated) we enjoy today right from streamlining our work in the kitchen, to climbing the 80th floor, to sitting at 60 F when outside is -20 F or 120 F would soon seemingly become a dream. Our Nature driven lifestyle does not seem to last long.

All this has made the job of the environmentalists and power scientists even tougher. Doing research, writing path-breaking papers, getting hundreds of patents is one thing; and devising some technology from scratch to fight a myriad of problems in the world is another. And what adds salt to the would is having stringent time and resource constraints on devising that technology. Apart from the prices, the icing to the cake comes with the horrors of global warming.

We need efficient, aware and committed scientists to quickly come up with alternative sources of power. But that is not enough. In these days of strict government funding (e.g. NSF - National Science Foundation), only smart and hard-working researchers won't suffice. We need efficient leadership in the leading nations like US, as well as development budding grounds like China and India.

The new US President, whoever it is going to be, Barack Obama or John McCain, has a very big responsibility, not only to this country, but several global issues. And one of them definitely is the power crisis. It is an issue of grave nature that can decide the fate of our civilization in the next five years!

A young, visionary President is what America needs right now, for its own good, like issues of health care, immigration, education and Iraq war; as well as multi-faceted global problems, examples being global warming and power crisis.

Obama is the best choice, according to polls, but fingers crossed till late this year. The Illinois Senator apart from creating history in the annals of US Presidential legacy, has tons of variegated responsibilties to cater to. However, a guy only 46 who has come this far, has to have something about him - the question is, given the expectations of most of the aware non-civilians of this country, can he answer all or not of them? Can he live up to the image of being the most powerful person in the world, in the true sense? Only time will tell, before it's too late.

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Alok said...

There is no end to this … we make something and brake it somewhere else without realizing the fact we become the biggest threat to our own future. Perhaps, people have forgotten the saying “Live and let live”.

The lines are going together, make and break; who will control what? It’s difficult to say. Do anybody have a real sense of the picture and the endless menaces we create ourselves?