Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Love and Life's Obsession

What happens when you get obsessed with something? What does it imply to start liking and loving something too much? Do you get sleepless nights? Do you drink ten cups of coffee everyday? Does it anyways touch any tip of your insanity iceberg?

The feeling has been recurring in my life. Reasons have been wide and varied, but they all had a consistent thread - the desire to achieve something, to accomplish something. And the desire sprang from a very honest love of the subject in question.

I am sure many of you have been through such phases. However, the sleeplessness and the insomnia phases somehow frequent me more often than anytime before. Obsession is to such a degree that you feel like loving it all at once! Live life all in one moment!

It has mostly been six cups of coffee a day. And a life hunting for a new way to look at a mundane thing - "how people communicate". This is precisely what defines my current love - research. The sleepless phases are more frequent, but I enjoy them to the fullest.

What do you think about love for something which would never turn a deaf ear to you? Can your love and work match? Can your obsession find a vent to a "free"er world?

Research would never move away. It is perpetual, just as the love of things in my life have been. We might overrate love and move on, but the pining inside the heart is always there. But for once with research, I hope never to crunch that pining inside the heart.

The moral of the story is, love, live life and live your untainted abstract obsessions. Who cares about reciprocity? Life has more colors than the rainbow - you just need an eye for it!


~rAGU said...

sounds familiar! someone told me "hey you are supposed to be writing thesis!". "well", is shot back, "thought of doing something i wanted to do!". "at least once in a while!". i think getting back to work to keeps us useful in some sense of the word and doing what we love at least once a while keeps us useful for ourselves! good thought. stopped me a while. thanks

Aparna Kar said...

Ummm.. it's indeed a good idea to invest your emotions in your work- and honestly a safer option too- but when you reach the acme of excellence, and you look beside you and find no one- it can be a bit disappointing I believe.

Achievements make our existence worthwhile- but if you get lucky, you might have someone else who shares your happiness too. Relationships are important. They teach you a lot.

Consider this- without the emotional support of your family, you wouldn't have reached where you are today; or it would have been really difficult. The harsh reality is- your parents wouldn't be around always. Wouldn't it be good to have a human being as your companion then?

You might argue - what about people who take up mentorship/ never marry/raise underprivileged kids? I'd say it's just the manifestation of 'love" for the human species in general. Some call it philanthropy. But that is necessary for your own existence too.

Loving your work is noble; and I don't think it should be any other way. But I can't undermine the influence of another individual in my life. Even if it's not perpetual. However, more often- it's not the passive nature of loving a thing/job that holds us back from investing our emotions in someone- it is the fear of getting hurt.

Munmun said...

@ Aparna,
I agree love of someone is a great feeling - but some people don't achieve everything in life :)

I guess the last sentence you wrote summarizes why I wrote this blog :)