Friday, April 04, 2008

To err is human

To err is human. It is so true that it cannot be emphasized any more. But how many of us rectify ourselves - learn with those experiences? Even if we do, are people around us ready to forgive us?

The question also is, sometimes we just try to rectify our lives instead of our real mistakes. We start hating the cause of the mistake - "yes, I did this [mistake] because X was acting weird..."

It is so easy to push off our own faults to someone or something else. The exam went bad because the question paper was so freaking hard. I have no time for tennis, because of so much work. I had break up with her because she was not being so nice to me. And the list could go on.

I am not saying that those people lie. It is probably true in some respect. But no problem is unsolvable, I believe. If the exam was hard and you didn't do well, then work harder the next time. If things are not being so nice between you and your significant other, then talk it out and make things fine. I am a firm believer that it all lies on our own will to make things right in life. No another person is to blame, or no another thing deserves to be hated.

When things start going wrong, we seem to take the shortest and the easiest way out. We blame the symptoms of the problem, instead of going in and trying to find why things are wrong. Hatred is seemingly such an easy solution, unfortunately.

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