Thursday, April 03, 2008

"Random" Musings

For the gen X people (like you and me), have you ever realized how many times you use the word "random" in your conversations? Just look back and see - I was almost freaked out today!


I suddenly realized that the handful of people I talk to most recently, I talk only in English. Going back to 2001-03 since when I lost touch with Bengali other than talking to parents and roommate, seems like now I am losing ground on Hindi altogether as well. I ran into this girl I know in my department in the elevator, and happily asked "To exam kaisa tha kal?" I felt so weird - felt like after ages I am talking in Hindi. And more astonishing, after a couple of sentences couldn't but get to English suddenly. Sad, sad. I don't want to lose my confident grasp on the three languages any time.


The new domain of my research interest is, can we find a mapping between the second law of Thermodynamics and communication evolution in social networks? How does entropy fluctuations affect our communication? If you have any insights on your personal communication behavior, do let me know!


This talk I have been waiting to attend since quite sometime - but to utter disappointment didn't find it very interesting. Surprisingly don't know why none of the students tend to ask any questions!


I made nice chicken tacos today for lunch - should be able to post its recipe soon. A quick dinner suggestion, if you have left over daal from last night and wondering what to get for lunch the next day, I make it easy for you. Make the daal thick by boiling and evaporating most of its water. Take a couple of corn tacos and stuff it with the thickened daal, lettuce, hot salsa, avocados and cilantro. A very healthy quick lunch is ready for you!

More next time - on some heavy philosophical stuff. By the way, what is your take on smoking?


Nikesh Rathi said...

Kaafi randomly interesting tha!

Well ... mujhe 'random' word itna pasand hai ki maine ranmdomly apne blog ke naam mein usey include kiya hai!

Munmun said...

@ nikesh
See see! I knew. All the people like us seem to be in love with the word 'random' - weird!!