Saturday, April 26, 2008

Forgiveness: One Life Ain't Enough...

The most beautiful virtue is probably the ability to forgive others. Human beings have been ruling the Earth since the past few thousand years; adorned by our ability to think, rationalize and reason. Forgiveness is a wisdom, a virtue to be better individuals.

I want to work for the people - everyone. I want to let go past grudges; life is too short to spend like that. There is a bigger picture. We are made of flesh and blood, and that's where I want to work for.

As one of the songs in Taare Zameen Par goes, we have a thousand wings and a sky to climb in front of us. One life ain't enough to fulfill all of our dreams. But one thing I want to accomplish in this life, I want to forgive everyone for whatever reason differences have had cropped up in the past. And I want to work and spend the rest of my life for everyone.

This is my pursuit of happiness in life.

Walked I aforth in quest of that happy certain,
Forever it took in the rugged terrain of dark mountain;
A mind and body - heavy with the coal of grudges,
Till it dawned that forgiveness could take it all abreast.

I now see a soul everywhere,
A life I want to lead without letting it go haywire;
I want to kindle that candle of knowledge,
A time I want to spend, a tribute to all as a token of towage.

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