Monday, May 05, 2008

A Busy Note...

I don't like myself for not having been able to blog for such a long time! Just that things have been too busy - semester getting over and one of the most important conference's deadline nearing on June 3rd. I am trying my best to make it a good paper.

The idea of black holes / Big Bang kind of singularity based community analysis in social networks is one idea I want to expand upon as well. It sits nicely on my desire to use natural sciences concepts in my research. For that I want to target either of the two conferences, one due on July 10 and the other on August 11. Let us see how it goes. The other motivation for this work is that both these conferences are out of country - one in Syndey and another in Spain. A very big motivation to work harder - now do you see why I am not blogging enough? :P

But I am concentrating on the task at hand. Today has been another of the night-out days - but today I did it without coffee! Yeah, and I am also trying to minimize my addiction for caffeine. Tea is working out to be a good alternative - green tea or some nice Earl Grey without sugar / creamer.

Other things in life, like cooking, sleeping still continues. But have minimized much on shopping! Rest for later!


Uday Kumar said...

Sydney ...Italy in Summer....Im Jealous!

Munmun said...

@ Uday
Dude, I want to, not yet final - pray that my papers get accepted (before that, that I formulate a food problem!) - promise I will get you chocolates :P :P