Monday, May 19, 2008

Conferences ...

Not a surprise or a great achievement, but the technical poster (on Modeling Information Roles for capturing Stock Market Dynamics) got accepted at the Grace Hopper Conference for Women in Computing '08. Small achievements just keep us on our toes - to realize in the long years of PhD, some sense of moving forward; a relief from monotonicity and riddance from getting lost in a swamp of mediocrity. After all, the mid-PhD years are the toughest parts of the PhD process!

If I can manage a travel grant, I would like to go to Keystone, Colorado where the conference is, in October. I haven't been to Colorado, so I expect it to be fun!

By the way, my travel plans for Pittsburgh in June (17th to 21st) is almost finalized. It is the second time (after Chicago) I would be traveling somewhere close to mid-west. Though Pittsburgh is not one of the tourist places, but should be nice, considering the grand organization at the conference.

It is coming to seem to me more and more that it is the publications which could keep me real happy all this while! Happiness is out there; in those papers!


Deanna said...


I hope part of your travel grant search is applying for a GHC Scholarship! The deadline for applications is June 15th!

Good luck!

Director of Programs
Anita Borg Institute
and Cruise Director for GHC2008

Munmun said...

@ Deanna
Thanks for your comment ! Definitely I am considering applying for the GHC scholarship; I was a scholarship recipient last year and GHC 2007 was great fun! Look forward to the same!