Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A few very incongruous facets ...

Empirical experiment:
Browsing videos on YouTube is probably the best random walk model experiment. Surprisingly I often reach the same videos over and over in a considerable short span of time - hint towards k-degrees of separation.

Consequences of Time travel:
I think life won't continue to be as interesting if we could always go back and could change the happenings. We would lose the motivation to do things to perfection, there would be no need for hard work or no existence of any aspiration. The uncertainty in life keeps us wondering about every tomorrow with a smile. Knowledge will reach stagnation - Einsteins would never die and the advent of newer and fresher minds would be unlikely since the world would never involve taking risks.

Life is a like a book; but the only difference being, we cannot go back to the previous pages to re-read and understand the situation. If you tear a page in the past, you cannot possibly come back to the present and stick it back at the current page. It just won't fit in there - because the circumstances and the people, all have moved on, save you!

I believe life is all about how much you can give away - be it love, be it knowledge, be it service. This is the secret to being rich - love as much as you can - never look back for reciprocation. Spread your knowledge - after all, knowledge is contagious, and you can play a significant role in the knowledge-epidemic. Knowledge is the light to a better world tomorrow. Isn't life therefore about living for the people, even those whom you would probably never meet or never know? Because knowledge and love transcend physical perceptions of familiarity and mutual awareness - a few greater truths we hardly realize in our never-ending hunt for happiness. Happiness? It is right there!

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