Monday, August 18, 2008

I-Day Celebration

Aug 15 morning, at the Indian Students' Association I-Day celebration, courtesy: Sashi.

I-day night dance party at Neha's place, courtesy: Divakar.

For the first time, I became a part of the Independence Day celebration after coming to US - right from attending flag hoisting, to singing the national anthem, to wearing Indian clothes, to having a "desi" dance party at a friend's place! It was great fun after a long time. We played Hindi numbers, played cards, imitated each other's dancing styles and pulled each other's legs!

Nevertheless, there is a more serious and profound thought associated with the celebration. The question is, how much can you do staying thousands of miles away from your country? Has the importance of Independence Day reduced to just feeling a little Indian?


Moumita said...

I too celebrated I day for the first time abroad. And almost the same way as u (Sans the dance to Hindi tunes). I was little scared. Is it legal to hoist the flag? Is it OK to leave the flag flying?

Probably you asked the most important question, "how much can you do staying thousands of miles away from your country?"

Our feelings does not change, Be it in India or abroad.

Munmun said...

@ Moumita di,
I don't think we can hoist flag in a different country, I think that country's flag should be hoisted first and then our flag should be hoisted ...
We didn't hoist flags ... they did it in our school :)

Moumita said...

I was expecting something on that line. We should have checked, but anyway things went on very fastt, and we did things out of passion. Not minding legal things.

I changed the caption of my orkut photos after reading youur comments. Thanks. And would have to hide some facts when I write this in my blog.