Wednesday, August 06, 2008

All About Me

October, 2007 (Courtesy: Arvind, ISA Freshers')

February, 2008 (Courtesy: Rahul's Tempe visit)

July, 2008 (Courtesy: Deepak's Arizona Trip)

Me sometime back, a few months; a re-collection. The first pic goes back to the time of last year's ISA (Indian Students' Association) Freshers. There was a drama simulating the life of Indian graduate students at ASU, and I was playing the role of an administrative staff. The second pic is taken by my friend, Rahul, when he visited Tempe (and subsequent Grand Canyon and Las Vegas) last February. The third pic is the most recent, and courtesy taken by my friend Deepak when he was making a trip to Arizona last month. It is taken in a nice Mexican restaurant in Sedona, and I am cherishing a heavenly glass of Margarita!


Kartik said...

And what do you know, you've been a PhD student all the time ... :D

Alok said...

Ahhh! “heavenly glass of Margarita!” good one :)

… and do you think that’s all about you, I mean with the three pictures ?

Munmun said...

@ Alok
No! I mean it is a blog post concerned all about me, not random philosophies :D

Munmun said...

@ Kartik
dude :O hello, you are also a Phd student :P