Thursday, June 05, 2008

A very quick sandwich recipe ...

I tried this self-made variant of sweet and sour chicken yesterday and it came out great as a sandwich spread! I would call it butter and garlic sauted chicken, later cooked in sweet and sour sauce. The technique is very simple:

Marinate the chicken pieces (pieces very small in size to be later used as a sandwich spread) overnight using any herb and garlic based marinade. The next day, take a flat frying pan and melt some (unsalted) butter in it. As the butter is melted, add some chopped garlic and saute it. Later, add the marinated chicken, add a pinch of salt, cover the pan with a lid and simmer till the chicken turns white and is cooked in the steam. Once the chicken is cooked and the released water is evaporated, you will notice the butter and garlic starting to stick to the chicken surface. This is when you know the chicken is done. Now add the sweet and sour sauce and a little bit of hot sauce to it and mix well in medium heat. Observe so that the mix is sticky and not completely dry. Chicken spread is done!

Take two slices of wheat bread and spread mayo on one slice. Put a leaf of lettuce, a slice of Swiss cheese, a slice of tomato on it. Spread the chicken on the other slice and stick the two pieces together. Your sandwich is ready!


Alok said...

Sounds yummy, yummy :)

what about the taste :D ?

Munmun said...

@ Alok
Lol, I liked it !

yvs vamsi krishna said...

Thanks for posting the full details,its really a good information
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