Saturday, June 07, 2008

Another Friday night ...

I learned to play pool today. It was nice fun! I felt once you are conversant with the tactics, there is a lot of strategy involved to actually play a game. But today was the first day and I could drive three-four balls into those holes! So I am happy now.

We did considerable club hopping today. First we went for food; then we got a cover-free cheap drinks deal and so thought of checking out the bar. Third was Margarita Rocks, one of the college people flooded clubs in Tempe downtown. We got bored somehow and thought we will go to a bar with nice pool tables, and that's where I learned to play! Finally we ended Friday-ing with a trip to a Hookah bar with some Margarita flavored hookah. I didn't like it much today somehow - it was too strong with tobacco :(

Next weekend we might plan a trip towards the north border of Arizona and Utah - hopefully my long cherished desire to see Monument Valley will be fulfilled! Let's see!

The weekend after I am off to Pittsburgh for a conference. Fingers crossed: I have to present two papers!

Summer I have a very very packed research schedule - have to complete an older journal paper and a new journal paper should go underthrough! Pray I complete all of it!

But the fun of the day: I learned pool! So now I have more things to do in bars than just reach there wearing good clothes :P


Alok said...

A games & strategies go hand on hand and learning any of them is always a satisfactory feeling. Now onwards, I will be more than happy to see here some of the tips and tricks of POOL game :)

BTW, good luck to you; for your presentations.

Puranjoy said...

teach me!

Munmun said...

@ Alok
Long way to go to actually put some tips and tricks ! Thanks for your wishes :)

Munmun said...

@ Puranjoy
Lol teach you - I only learned yesterday ... but yeah you are anyways visiting here, so we could try playing some bad pool :))