Monday, June 09, 2008

A 'Sour' Question

One of the biggest conflicts we face in life, time and again is the battle between dream and reality. But even more amazing is the way we still keep hoping, even after being hard hit by reality so many times - dreams which keep us alive.

I was a very commonplace teenager; a girl who believed in dreaming, of love and life, of passions, of feelings, of movies overflowing with love and emotions - a perfect life with a perfect partner. Years have passed on, and life has taught enough of its sweet and hard lessons both. I have matured mentally, begun to understand of responsibilities, of life's more hard truths and of the fact that life is not so 'perfect', neither is there probably a 'perfect' partner.

When all of us know this, why do we look for the ideal match? Why do we want that all of the things we are short of would be complemented by that 'other' person? Why do we have to be so much finicky when we know that if the same question is raised regarding us, most of us won't stand the test of perfection? Why do we always have so much to complain about the other person rather than try and amend it? Is it because life always gives you another chance? Or simply because we want to run away from the toil of making a more perfect life with a not-so-perfect person?

Love happens - even after so many years, I believe that. But the question is, why is it then so easy for us to walk off when love was there? I see an utter contradiction here. I know we all are materialistic; but then isn't love over-rated? For, if it really existed the way I thought as a teenage girl; if love really made a perfect life with a perfect partner, in a surreal world with dim stars, blue buildings, pink curtains and no sorrows, would life ever have been this difficult? Would we ever have those special people or objects walking away from us? Probably not.

I really think life is hard. And the dream of a surreal world with dim stars, blue buildings, pink curtains and no sorrows where you and your partner "live happily ever after" is really a myth. Love happens, but it needs to be re-worked time and again. We embark on that surreal dream world the moment we fall in love, but unfortunately we often miss out on how to "make love work".

And then yet there's hope. As you would see in the movie Sex and the City, people spend their whole lives hoping to find the love of their lives, in some manner. But yeah, it is a movie. How about life? Does the "live happily ever after" concept exist? Or are we dwelling in our very own created Fool's Paradise?

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Alok said...

Hey, I can see; there are some echoing thoughts. I wouldn’t surprise seeing those questions you have asked. Probably it’s just those iterative questions that many of us have already asked to ourselves. I am not sure if I can make any sense to this post but I think it is not always possible to find an answers for such questions.

The best thing that I can think of is to allow the time pass by you and don’t stuck to figure out what’s the right or not so right answer. Perhaps that will be the first step to see our life is changing the way it should rather than forcing it for a change.