Friday, June 13, 2008

Quoting "We Build a Better World"

There have been three major instances in my life when I felt the ardent need for a stronger women representation in the research community. And those were the times that made me think the role I could play in contributing something towards promoting this gender diversity.

The first instance was when I attended a major conference Workshop to find out that I was the only female presenter there. And when on the second instance, one day I came across the list of 100 most genius living people in the world, to my utter dismay, I found out that there were less than five women in the entire grand vista. And the third instance was last year’s Grace Hopper conference in Orlando, when I was moved to ecstasy to hear Frances Allen as the first female recipient of the prestigious Turing Award in its forty years of illustrious history.

One of the biggest challenges I always faced ever since I joined the Doctoral program
was the under-representation of women in the Department. I am not happy enough when my friends and acquaintances console me saying that I am doing great in my career being a girl. For, I believe talent is genderless and unbounded by the deep-grained biases we have about women not being competent enough. There is an ardent need, I feel, to strike a change to our society and such realm of thinking that it entails.

A conference like Grace Hopper comes as a great rescue to my motivation – a dream where every woman would consider herself competent enough to take to the list of the 100 most genius living people! I believe it would be a great opportunity to meet, get inspired and in turn motivate other fellow companions who have taken the courage to tread the challenging path of being a woman researcher.

The conference could play a great role inviting greater number of women to paint together the colorful sky of research, irrespective of considerations of race, color, creed or societal bias.


Alok said...

That is really good. Let me pass this information on to people at my work place; I hope Grace Hopper, would motivate at least one of them, if not all.

Madhuri said...

Truly said. Talent is Genderless as well as the interest & orientation. Very few women join Ph.D as their career doesn't mean their lack of talent. :)