Friday, February 08, 2008

The Wind Blew it All!

When the wind rose alive,
Before it could take her by any surprise,
In just the flick of a minute,
Blew away those memories, till then so vivid.

A cozy corner and a caring shoulder,
Was all that she would need to lead a life more bolder;
Smothered she was in so much of affection,
Memories were intertwined in every nook and corner of her life's jubilation.

Till the day when her life succumbed to a dark sunrise,
Made all the things so difficult to tackle and to stand and rise;
The tombs on which the memories were so enshrined,
The fleeting thoughts pulled her life to move forward and rewind.

Till that day when the wind blew along,
Sweeping the pains in her heart's core so deep and long,
She saw the storm come and the storm go,
And she knew it was no more the time to feel any low!

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