Sunday, February 24, 2008

Easy to make Cold Sandwich Wrap Recipe!

Here is a great sandwich wrap recipe that is healthy and quick to make! The preparation time is about 10 minutes and ideal for a tasty lunch (that doesn't need to be heated or microwaved) or quick dinner. The only thing you need to have ready is slices of grilled chicken breast, although for a vegetarian substitute you can well discount this or substitute it with scrambled eggs! I usually grill the chicken in the weekend and refrigerate it for the week.

(Ingredients for 1 serving)

1 burrito size tortilla
salad spring mix (or cut iceberg lettuce, romaine and spinach leaves)
1 avocado (ripe) thinly sliced or mashed freshly
cut red onions (optional)
diced cucumber
diced tomatoes
Alfalfa sprouts
sliced grilled chicken breast
Bit of Mayo
Ranch dressing
Hot sauce
Pinch of salt / pepper to taste


Place the tortilla on a plate and layer it thinly with Mayo. Then align the salad spring mix in the middle of the tortilla along a narrow line. Heap the tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, sprouts, avocados and the chicken on it. Apply the Ranch dressing along with the hot sauce. Sprinkle a little bit of salt and pepper to taste. Now roll the whole tortilla into a narrow roll and tuck it with a toothpick in the center. Your lunch is good to go!


Partha Pratim Sanyal said...

Well.. I won't try the recipe.... because I know I'll screw it up. It'd be good when I go there and you make that for me one fine day ... lolz!!

Tech Monster said...

@Partha: I know whers that coming from ... :)

Partha Pratim Sanyal said...

That was hypothetical!
A cock and bull story!
A made up plot and what not!

I don't give it away like that... do i? lol

Vinesh said...

picture of the recipe? :-)