Sunday, February 10, 2008

Surviving Life as the Fittest

Scientists say, one of the primary reasons the dinosaurs got extinct was that with the beginning of the ice age, they could not cope with the changing environment. And Nature did not choose them because they didn't satisfy the needs of the "survival of the fittest". I guess this is very true of ourselves as well. Life is a great test. And we survive it only when we satiate the condition: survival of the fittest.

It is so easy to snap at a friend when you don't like something about his or her. It is so easy to curse destiny and life for all the bad things that happened. It is so easy to feel self-pity when something goes wrong in life. And it is so easy to feel that life is meaningless without certain things. And it is also so easy to say "I lost it".

However, we forget all this while that the way to lead life is to be the survivor of the fittest! Tests after tests, we need to gear up and running every time for newer horizons whatever life yields us: good or bad. And the way to survive life is to make the good times the strength, and the bad times the closed chapters - the source of learning. And looking ahead. Trust in self. The faith that we can live better. The ability to be ourselves whatever happens.


Nikesh Rathi said...

So true !
... and maybe it is not only the best that survives, but the the ones who fit in well, like a seemingly insignificant piece in a jigsaw puzzle which nevertheless fits in the puzzle!

Munmun said...

@ nikesh
Yeah! Agree :)