Monday, January 21, 2008

When You are Not Born with a Silver Spoon in Your Mouth

I have often heard of people who were said to be "born with a silver spoon in their mouth". They are the people to whom the world has mostly been generous enough to exonerate most of their wrong doings, to shower wealth and prosperity and to endow them with power which is behemoth in its measures. To many of them, the 'throne' has simply come as a primogeniture!

Nevertheless, such people are only a handful and the genre we frequent more around us are the commonplace people like you and me. Many a times this genre has to come upfront with the bare reality; a world which is often not very favorable, a place where you have to take all sorts of impromptu decisions amidst bright sunny days or bleak sunsets. Life just seems so much more difficult!

Will you attribute this to destiny? Perhaps many of us will. After all, everyone is not born with a silver spoon in mouth. It is true. But one of us has to bring ourselves that silver spoon. By hook or by crook we need to gear up the chutzpah to dictate our own destiny. And trust me, it is no chicanery, rather reaching that zenith needs perennial determination, enthusiasm and courage. Nevertheless, ironically enough, earning ourselves that silver spoon has a modus-operandi charateristic of everyone of us: and that altogether makes it all more challenging!

But as most wise men of our earlier times have said, that silver spoon is 'silver' only when we know the meaning of iron: it is all the dusk-long toil, midnight oil, sweat of our brows and the sacrifices we make to earn a sweet fruit that makes life worthy of living. After all, life has to be led in the full sense of its charm; a bit of whim, the ability to bring out the capricious self in ourselves leaves us merry and the rest of the world enchanted, enthralled and mesmerized! Often a spur-of-the-moment ad-lib act unravels a novel dimension to thinking, scope and joy. Who knows, that can earn us the "silver spoon"? However, a striking balance of whim and pragmatism is important to lead a life: the marathon after the silver spoon ought not to lead us astray for enjoying life to the fullest.

One and all of us have hitherto led lives in hunt of something: many a times that silver spoon if in their lingua franca, we are not destined for. But the rocky terrains on the way often make us so morose that we seem to be lost somehwere. This reminds me of a few very famous lines by Robert Frost: it instills in my desolate self, the vigor and accrues for me the silver lining in a whole vista of dark dreary melancholy clouds:
"The woods are lovely dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep."

PS: The post uses the ten words (shown in bold); courtesy Partha and Satish.


Partha Pratim sanyal said...

Succintly shows me how to use the minimum number of sentences to efficiently use the ten words. Will read it in detail.. and once again post a feedback.. till then a truely commendable job!!


Munmun said...

@ PP
I am flattered; though I guess your feedback is more biased by our friendship than the quality of the text :)

Tech Monster said...

Well, well! All i can say is it's another beautiful peace. I like the way you have woven those 10 words into this marvel.
I was captured by the topic you chose. I might be sounding asinine, but why is it always refered to as silver spoon and why not golden spoon (we all know well its golden medal that comes before silver medal !!! :) ).
I am amazed with some phrases you formed, but at the same time had qualms to few. I will send my report and i will ensure its unbaised. :)