Wednesday, January 16, 2008

When Wisdom dawns...

There are two kinds of people you would ever meet in life: ones whose negative qualities come to your notice before their positive qualities. But probably in your urge to be a better person you would tend to appreciate them for their positive qualities instead. And then there is the other category of people whose negative qualities we are often blind to. All we notice ever are their strengths and positive qualities.

And this proposition follows from the fact that we attach ourselves differentially to people. We hate some people, just don't care about some and really love some others. And this probably reveals when they say, love is blind.

However, no man can ever be an epitome of perfection: good and bad qualities adorn him day in and day out. Should love really be blind then? Should a person lose his or her own judgment to critique the bad and embrace the better because he or she loves a person? Probably it will not be a great decision.

One and all of us seem to be running after attaining wisdom in life. Unfortunately we often fail to realize that wisdom doesn't come from religion, caste, academic degree, money or atonement. It is as simple as opening our eyes to the world: deterring the blind self in us. Whether it is a partner, a pet, a sibling or a child, we ought to execute judgment to distinguish the bad from the good qualities. I believe that is one way we could make the two ends meet: extreme hatred and extreme love. Life needs a balance; and therein dawns wisdom.


sodamncool said...

Hi Munmun,

I see your point of view and agree that there has to be a balance in what one sees in someone else in order to determine what the person is actually about.

However, when you are in love with someone you tend to just ignore or overlook the the bad in the other person only because you feel that with time, you would just get used to it or the other person might change when he/she realizes the actions or behavior or attitude that is/are bad. Sometimes it also happens that when you realize you are in love with someone you are filled with so many emotions that you only want to and will notice all that is good..atleast in the initial phase...probably because you hope and think that the way things are (wonderful n mooshi mooshi n all), they will remain forever and the way the other person is, he.she will remain like this and things will be forever romantic..

It is not until you start living together that you realize that maybe somethings are just not easy to deal with or that there are things that are bad within the other person which are not really that easy to overlook or ignore...but by that time you have already made that decision that "i will love the person no matter what" because thats what love is all is blind but then if you start trying to see things first you may not land up being with the someone you truly love someone first and then you learn to deal-with/compromise with certain things about/with that person...if you start thinking and assessing things in the beginning itself then maybe you may not land up being with that someone at all...

love at first sight...lets take it for example..

when you fall in love at first have no clue about anything about that love only for one
in the beginning itself if you start thinking, oh this person is like this and this person is like that..i cant deal with this and that then you aren't really loving someone as are basically trying to see if you can "live" together...the compromise portion should ideally come later because it could test your love and relationship and help you realize how much your willing to give up or put into a relationship...

therefore..yes it ideal to have a balance in determining the good and bad in a person...but based on that you cant really make a decision as such...because if you love..then love no matter what...

sorry for the long comment... :D


Munmun said...

@ sodamncool
It's a long and nice reply; I see you posted it on your blog as well :). Thanks for taking a great time to give a thought to this :)