Wednesday, January 30, 2008

When I learned to Admire...

One of the most useful learnings I have had in my life till now is the beauty of admiring people. I have often met people who loathe admiring others, especially their adversaries at school, work place, status quo or any other place where they felt they are competing. I won't say I was born to think differently the moment I was born: rather all the while I also saw my tendency to get bogged down feeling complex at the positive aspects and success of somebody who was doing as good as or better than me.

Nevertheless, time has been the greatest tutor! I have learned that suffering from any sort of complex is never the best thing to happen to development of personality. If an acquaintance of mine succeeded in something which I too wanted to do well in, I have learned to learn from them. Keeping a positive attitude, maintaining amicable relationships is the first step towards being a good human being. And the interesting part of learning from the success of your adversaries is that you learn to admire the good in everything. Of course everyone and everything has its pros and cons, the key lies in how we look at them. The ability to admire the good in others will never leave us morose in life.

And the most precious part of the learning: admiring others doesn't lessen your own achievements, hard work, will or ability. We always have to remember that if a person's act is good, whether or not you admire it or feel jealous about it, it won't make a difference to its acceptability. Truth, honesty and the best are universal. They won't change whether or you appreciate it! The wise take is therefore always to look at them so that we learn from them; and reproduce them in our own activities.

Whichever arena you work for, success is really re-inventing the wheel! Look around and learn to admire your contemporaries, you will get myriads of reasons to learn and put them in some way to make success your way!


Aparna Kar said...

Wish more people thought like you!
I had similar thoughts jotted down somewhere here Sooner or later, the realization dawns that complexes only alienate us from what we can become. It is a spiral going down o the dungeons of depression. To borrow Robin Sharma's idea: Live life like a rockstar ;)

Munmun said...

@ Aparna,
Thanks for the nice quote.

SsS said...

good...agree with u!