Friday, April 10, 2009

I am Back

A lot of guilt, a host of news and a mountain of work are what I return to the blog with after around two months of complete silence. Though everything went on so fast and I hardly realized time has been ticking its way quicker than I could realize, yet I have always missed this favorite pastime of mine!

Time has kept me unbelievably busy of late. Several things have been going on, the most important of which being that the time to consolidate my PhD has arrived, rather astoundingly soon. Suddenly I am getting the feel time is running out, and I have so many things to do. And that life is short. And that the effort needed to fulfill the lone desire of my life - to bring smile to tomorrow's world, still looks like a far-fetched dream. But with the current state of affairs, I am certain I would make it there someday. :)

The moment when I am penning this blog, I have several things up on my schedule. Firstly, it is my Spain trip for attending the WWW 2009 conference. This is my first visit to the conference and I am glad to let you know that I would be a presenter there in the Rich Media track. Also planning on a very short trip to Paris. Some family is there, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to catch up with an aspect of life I have almost forgotten about ever since I started PhD.

What follows next is a flurry of papers - my target this year has been to "consolidate" - finish up all the unfinished work and then gear towards a last final hammer on the final nail of PhD. I am glad, stressed and excited to be in this phase. More like I always wanted to be here!

Look forward to a very exciting summer as well! Let's see what interesting research is in store then! For the rest of the tidbits of my life, I would keep you all tuned. Possibly by blogging more frequently! :)


Aravind Krishna K said...

Good post.. welcome back M.. With the acceleration at which you're research is going so fast-paced, you have interesting things coming up.. and important to "consolidate" and converge by end of the year for your proposal time!

Good luck with your journals, WWW presentation & summer internship ahead !

alok said...

welcome back:)

Munmun said...

Thanks AK, thanks Alok!