Sunday, February 22, 2009

About Slumdog

Much has been said, talked and written about the strong Oscar contender movie, Slumdog Millionaire, by Danny Boyle. One friend told me Danny has shown India in bad light. Someone else told me that the movie didn't impress him at all, he found it all a hype. And some other friend told me that the movie has been making so much media coverage and is a strong Academy award contender because Danny Boyle is not an Indian.

I appreciate constructive criticism. However often people forget to see the positive aspects of whatever they are criticizing. If Slumdog showed India in bad light, brought out the poverty our fellow people face, showed how little kids have to face "life" at such a tender age, isn't it true? Just living in metros, working in a software company making shit products for clients here, eating Rs 1000 dinners or sipping coffee from Barista or appreciating India's lunar mission doesn't change the reality in these slums. If a movie is made around that theme why is it bad?

Guys, please get rid of this Indian and not-Indian judgment. Why can't someone appreciate the movie as a piece of good Art? I mean what is the problem appreicating someone as a human-being, without bringing in distinctions based on color, race, community or country? At the end of the day, we are all human beings right? And if someone makes a movie vividly showing the reality faced a bunch of young kids in a slum in India, what is bad in it?

To this context, let me tell you this experience I just had while I was browsing Facebook. I usually don't click on the ads you get on your right hand side toolbar, because most of the times they are not useful to me. But today I saw an ad which led me to this link, giving the context of the Slumdog movie:

I was very intrigued to find such a manner to use the ads on social media sites. Moreover, I am glad the movie Slumdog is being used for a generous non-profit cause. This is for all of you who have been criticizing the movie - did DDLJ had the caliber to make such a societal impact? No, of course!

People, learn to appreciate others, respect their talent and their endeavors. That's the only way to making yourself a little better! Criticism doesn't have to be a fad. Appreciation and criticism need to go hand-in-hand. After all, we are all trying to build a better society together, isn't it?


Aravind Krishna K said...

nice post M.. totally agree with all the points.. especially I dont understand how people feel this movie is portraying India in a bad way..

(but, no citation this time to the person who took u to this movie :'( )

Axe-Hey!! said...

Still say Slumdog is bad!!! Sure, as you said they show what's actually happening in India, but the attitude of the movie was racist towards India ; not healing , Had no message AT ALL and was pure entertainment movie which used Indian sorrow as its USP.... there you have your answer !!! Movies with message or solutions should go to Oscars not some movie which makes fun of other countrymen's sorrows !!!!

Axe-Hey!! said...

Here is my response to that,

dipthought said...

Did you watch it? I read the book - while it is no doubt well written it never seemed like a classic.