Tuesday, July 18, 2006

We, The People

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Visit to the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia last weekend was a different experience altogether. Probably it was a feeling that makes everyone, be it an American or not, to experience a very unique feeling altogther: as if you are a part of this piece of land since eons, as if you are obliged to feel proud at its achievements. Talking practically probably it is just because of the way they present it; or may be something else, but I truly loved that feeling! Experiencing that wonderful feel is now like a coveted cherished dream deep down my heart.

As would the preamble dictate, I don't know why I find it as captivating our very own India's preamble. A strange sense of freedom and liberty runs through the who of your mind: its unforgettable.

After my visits to Washington DC and Philadelphia, called the 'Home of Freedom" that is, the place where the declaration of American Independence was made, I somehow have arrived at this conclusion that the Americans really project very 'wide' their sense of freedom, their liberty, their power, their huge realm of achievenments in every sphere; talk about their National Air and Space Museum in DC showing all those real NASA rockets, Appollo or the first plane of the Wright brothers all of which have revolutionized the progress on the roads of mankind, or be it the delegate session in National Constitution Center in Philadelphia conjuring up the whole scene of declaration of American Independence. I found it to be really awesome because it aroused a sense of pride among everyone and kind of, in a way, recapilutated all what US has done towards the betterment of the mankind, whatever may have been the actual motives!

I was just wondering why is the scene so different in India. Even on August 15 or January 26, not even a handful of us feels proud over our achievements; just tell me how many Indians know that the progress we have made in these 59-60 years since Independence, its one of the most peaking in such a small duration as well as something everyone of us should be proud of.

I don't mean all Americans are patriotic. Nor do i say that Indians are unpatriotic. But one thing I believe the difference lies in where the former knows that they are a part of a strong nation, a segment of a strong cluster of mankind, and that feeling takes care of everything. But unfortunately it is the exact opposite in India. We feel gloomy, we feel insecure, we feel left out, we feel inferior; although a careful invetigation will only reveal that we have as many things to feel proud of as are things to feel gloomy. So better look at the brighter aspect; and then there would be no reason to say, I am an NRI, not an Indian!


dead man walkin said...

I very much agree with u,to the America's contributions for development to mankind..
But, comin to ur doubt abt why we lack the same felling of gr8ness…
I guess, we all humans love to b a part of the strongest. History has proved when Indian subcontinent was called golden bird...it drew Europeans ..though they exploited our gullibility..., but they covered thousand nautical miles to reach us. When colonial imperialism rose, we all became ardent follower of Britain...n now when USA is the super power we all associate urself with USA…itz human psyche to b associated with the strongest
About India, it has started growing n is trying fast to make up for the loss of last 50 years of misgovernance. I hope if India continues to grow at the present level..the day is not very far, when we all will also be enchanted instead of disenchanted on 15 n 26....

dipthought said...

Although in an entirely different context, I felt in the same way here. The sense of pride with everything American is something we should learn!

candid diary said...

Compared to American independence our independence is nascent. India, like USA, is also a great melting pot. Please allow some time and remember the hard time India has been going through. One point: too much of patriotism leads to chauvinism and chauvinism leads to …well you know what. If you can spare some time you will find an interesting article related to your topic in http://usembassy.state.gov/posts/in1