Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Came down on me all the gloom of Earth ,
Which I had not faced since my birth ;
Life stood standstill ,
Without a bit of my consent or will ;
It was as is coniine had entered my nerves ,
Driving all my thinking into labyrinthine curves ;
The sun of my life connoted to be set ,
In absence of any chance to let me awake .

But as I sat in trance by the seashore ,
I heard a rather bizarre furor ;
I found that it was my conscience ,
Showing me the ray of hope and patience ;
Hope ,which never prevaricates ,
The tireless pursuit of happiness which it never abdicates ;
Hope obliged me to obviate my anguish ,
To mirthfully embrace my failure and my life to refurbish ;

Because ,failures are a prelude to success ,
And hope taught me to smile again with a digress ;
So today I do not want to obliterate ,
My appalling failures with ponderousness ;
And ,I know today with failure and success juxtaposed ,
The two adorn life with tenuous but profound ecstasy aforth .

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