Saturday, March 18, 2006


I can see the sunrise there,
Beckoning me to survive,
A light to guard me through the dark layer,
So that I continue to struggle forever.

Life is not an end,
It taught me that,
And should you face with not a fame,
It is never your fate to blame.

So time is yours to muster up
The courage you have within,
To write your fate with ink evergreen,
And never to let it screw your work in.

Proceed hence, like a winner,
And you will not find anybody then to shatter
The confidence you embed deep down;
And then only you can dream of winning the real crown.
Belief in yourself is what you need,
And then you can afford to lead
Even the worst segment of your fortune,
To paint it all over again with your own maroon.

So yearning for a success is never enough,
If your chivalry not overrules all the tough,
Blow forth the zest hidden in your handful,
So that you conquer all the mournful,
And then every sunset will accrue a sunrise,
And it will not at all come as a surprise!
Unearth your innate flair,
And that is what should be your soul's blare.

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