Monday, November 12, 2007

Are you growing old?

Since quite sometime, I have been feeling a soothing placidness inside me: as if I can see the implicit signs of aging in me! Some of the signs I could decipher: may be you want to check them out for yourself!
1. I am enjoying tragic movies more these days compared to my ever-favorite: Sci-Fi. I somehow get this intuition I will like watching Saawariya although the movie is a commercial disaster. Hope I do that soon. Probably the bluish-greenish surreal ambience will match my state of mind (age?).
2. I am more into softer romantic songs now: for example, Hindi: Jab We Met's Tum Se Hi. Days are gone for the Hip Hop numbers of Dus or Bluffmaster's Talk To Me.
3. No more Rap or Hip Hop in English genre. I feel suffocated in the sweaty congested environment of dance floors in clubs playing loud Hip Hop. Jazz takes me away; especially of The Kenny G. kind. I only log on to 95.5 FM smooth Jazz or 107.9 FM KMLE Country radio in my car stereo as well while driving.
4. I kind of have shrugged the desire for alcohol. No hard stuff other than beer sometimes, very very rarely.
5. I have also grown increasing fondness for cats.
6. My finickiness for cleanliness is ever on an exponential increasing note.
7. Art always captivated me: but I find tremendous match with my sometimes' pensive mood in appreciating art pieces anywhere around Tempe. The USPS building puts up the current exhibits of fine artwork in the city.
8. I want to attend Jazz concerts, pretty often on Sundays in Phoenix.
9. And yeah, I am not going to miss the next Broadway Musical that is going to be played in the Gammage at ASU next time!
10. And last but not the least, I am developing a much mature insight into my research. After all, I have started to believe, that is how I can contribute to the progress of the human civilization!

I am only (?) 25 though: what do you think? Is it too late? Is it too early?


dipthought said...

Thats not growing old, thats just growing.

Aparna Kar said...
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Aparna Kar said...

:D That's called Quarter life crisis. Naah ! Just kidding :)

We change with time and so do our tastes in music, preferred ambiance or companionship, even food and style of attire. That doesn't mean we are growing older or younger. for example, a 65 year old swinger who dies of heart attack can in no way be called "young" 'cause of his maverick ways. Similarly a 25 year old is only a blossoming woman . Oh yeah -trust me- you still have a long way to go before you get matured. And honestly, I don't think anyone of us will ever reach the saturation, till our dying day ' cause we will be evolving in some way or the other.

And just as the previous reader points it out "Thats not growing old, thats just growing." So, if you get back to liking hip hop when your teenage son plays it years later and you decide to shake a leg with him, don't think" OMG what's happening to me!?" Just give in to the moment and enjoy it, and you will be surprised to see how smooth the transition can be!