Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Reasons why you should cook at home!

So here comes a blog which can all over again motivate you to start cooking and eating at home! A few good reasons:
1. Value-for-money (the cost factor): Home made food is far less expensive compared to the same thing you order at a restaurant. This is because the ingredients (the raw materials) that you would use for cooking is decently cheap at any local grocery store. For example, a box of brownies comes for about $5 in a standard grocery store. You probably need a $1 to buy brownie mix and bake them at home! Another good example, ice creams in waffle cone would cost you like $8 at any Cold Stone store. If you buy a huge box of ice cream and a few cones, it won't come more than $2 per ice cream!
2. Quality: You are your own chef, so you are at liberty to go for quality ingredients, especially about spices, cooking oil, butter, eggs, milk and cheese.
PS: though disputed, yet beware of buying specifically these stuff cheap, they have been known to cause deadly diseases like breast cancer. The second threat are the preservatives in all the cooked frozen food and ready-to-eat stuff.
3. Variety: And of course you have the freedom to go ahead and delve into cooking some really innovative meal! Try any possible fusion, like Chinese-American, Indian-Thai, Indian-Ethiopian or Mexican-Cuban!
PS: these are pretty standard fusions, but you can always introduce some variations!
4. Taste: Last but not the least, cooking is a passion! If you enjoy cooking, you can master the art of culinary skills and be the chef of numerous delicious recipes for your friends, family and loved ones. If you are a woman, then you know the saying "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach". While if you are a man, then you know the best chefs in the world are all men, an opportunity to be a better husband to your sweetheart!


howler said...

useful post I must say... I add one more point to it, which is applicable at least in Indian context...

When you cook at home, you tend to eat things in raw and fresh too... which is even healthier, you can imagine that as increased salad content in your food... this is more so possible because of availability of food at odd times of day/night...

So I am on my way to tell my roomies to cook at home :)... your post will be good to refer to... Thank You

Aparna Kar said...

Lol.. couldn't agree more. As they say: You can hardly be angry at someone who has just fed you a delicious meal. I hope my guy cooks for me once in a while, more out of love than of necessity.
Also, I have discovered that cooking can be a very productive pastime. It can sooth your senses when u r tensed and help you concentrate only on the task and hand.. very akin to meditation. And yeah- it's a great way to socialize too.

BTW, I had a glimpse pf the grilled sausages on ur orkut album and have been dying to try them . I usually saute them but it's not really healthy.

Munmun said...

Yeah, it is a better idea (both taste-wise and health-wise) to grill the sausages :P
And that is a very interesting observation: that cooking can be equivalent to meditation!