Friday, January 12, 2007

WHY TO LOVE.......?

The blue sky preparing to look azure,
While the rain drop accruing the shape of a pearl,
The running water of the brook sounding all mellifluous,
Every nook and corner ready to echo the love in air!

Nature as though to sing the way heart sways,
And none in the world appearing to respond against,
Impressed is then the impression of a total conquer,
With one and all of Nature ready to become a martyr!
This is the feeling of being in love,
The feeling, which drives the world behind around,

Love is most beautiful a bliss,
Which turns a simple smile into a little kiss,
To brighten up one's own day,
And to let others imbue with all gay.

Love; but not to be the victor of the conquered,
But to see how pretty the world is,
That world which springs up at a mere passionate smile,
That world which dooms itself in darkness,
Should one carry a loveless face's fascimile.

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